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Wild Q Solutions
We deliver our services in a time while you go on with your everyday duties.
Our service is reliable, and we try to satisfy all their needs.
Since we have a long experience in this business we have a various ways of getting things done.
Our team is trained to be responsible and handle every client and their information responsibly. We practice a business of long-term relationship with our clients.
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About Us & Services


Wild Q Solutions is a shoot of the company Don’t –Q, which was founded in 2001. Don’t-Q had a vision of assisting people, and we as Wild Q Solutions would like to carry on with that vision. We as the original staff have decided to pool our skills and move forward as a team. We have different strengths but are of one mind, and that’s to offer our clients the very best service possible. Our objective is to eliminate the frustration people experience when having to deal with institutions like the licensing department, etc. We are a family of people who have worked together for the last 20 years, and would like to think that we have successfully rendered a meaningful service, with a caring and helpful attitude. We look forward to assisting you in the future. Registration number for the company 2020/754026/07